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We Strive
to provide
a safe secure environment.

Our Aims

To provide sound care for every child at the centre

To work towards making an inclusive environment
where we are  welcoming and working with families
for the good of each child.

To ensure an environment which is safe and secure.

To be flexible enough to suit individual children’s
needs and backgrounds.

To prepare the child for school.

To encourage children to love learning and to think
positively about themselves.

To turn each child outwards to see others as
individuals with their own differences to accept.

To provide a bridge which encourages the child to
move from a purely family environment  to  school life.

To give children confidence to express themselves
in a multitude of ways.




To provide a variety of activities in:
• Art and craft
• Indoor and outdoor programs
• Maths and science
• Music and movement
• Language and literacy

We are able to take 31 students each day.

Children are divided into age groups:
• Elves (0 to 2 years)
• Hobbits (2 to 4 years)
• Wizards (4 to 6 years)

Our staff are rostered weekly and work with one of the age groups. This roster is freely available to parents.

We are nut free as part of our policy to cater for allergies and religious requirements.

Each day has 5 meals prepared by a fully qualified cook. The meals are nutritious , varied and appropriate for the weather  and time of day. The menu is on a four week cycle  and is constantly monitored and evaluated.

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