a young boy receiving lunch from his mother before his first day at childcare

Making the first day at childcare easier

How to make the first day at childcare comfortable  The first day at childcare is a huge day for both child and parent. Working to a pre-prepared plan will help…

A girl wearing sunscreen, a wide brim hat, and a glasses

Sun Safety Practices in Childcare

Proven Sun Safety Practices in Childcare The harmful effects of being exposed to too much sunlight are well known. Overexposure to the sun in the early years can cause UV…

children practicing yoga in the childcare setting

Benefits of Yoga in Childcare

What is Yoga for Preschoolers?  Kids yoga in childcare benefits preschoolers in much the same way it does adults. It doesn’t matter much what age we are, we all suffer…

a toddler sleeps on a beanbag while a teacher reads a bedtime story in the foreground

Sleep and Rest Routines in Childcare

Sleep and rest routines in childcare need to be flexible enough to cater for a variety of needs. It is a child care provider’s responsibility to provide a safe comfortable…

a room leader in childcare centre talks with a young pupil and her carer

The duties of a room leader in childcare

Room leaders in childcare -what they do One of the more rewarding positions available to workers in a childcare setting is that of room leader. The room leader’s position is…

a toddler reads a novel while sitting on the grass at his childcare centre

Open Ended Questions for Toddlers

Asking Open Ended Questions in Childcare Open ended questions are questions that can have more than one right answer and require more than a yes/no answer. Open ended questions encourage…