a smoke alarm sounding with fire visible in the foreground

Childcare Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The value of developing childcare emergency evacuation procedures only becomes truly apparent when an emergency situation occurs. To ensure that carers and children are fully supported in an emergency situation…

a tear in a piece of paper that reveals the term conflict of interest

Conflict of Interest in Childcare

A conflict of interest in childcare occurs when a person or the childcare centre itself has an involvement with competing interests. These interests may or may not be of a…

a lovely childcare room setup featuring a rainbow wall painting and wood pigeonholes

Childcare room setup ideas

Setting up the physical environment of the childcare setting so that it projects a welcoming inviting atmosphere is crucial in gaining maximum engagement from children. With the right childcare room…

Friendship Activities for Preschoolers 1

Friendship Activities for Preschoolers

The Importance of Developing Friendships in Childcare We are social creatures and building social skills is a key skill for preschoolers to obtain. It is really important that preschoolers learn…

children playing songs together at childcare with musical instruments

Top 10 Childcare Songs

Music and singing are great ways to communicate and to relax. Children respond very positively to rhyme, rhythm and melody. Learning is actually easier when it can be done through…

Summative Assessment in Childcare 2

Summative Assessment in Childcare

Assessment of a child’s progress in childcare takes many forms including running records, learning journals and photo journals. As detailed as these learning journals may be it will not present…