a young boy with messy, coloured hair similar to that worn by children celebrating crazy hair day

Crazy Hair Day 2021

Celebrating Crazy Hair Day Celebrating Crazy Hair Day has become an annual event on the Jumpstart calendar. Besides being a lot of fun for children and childcare staff, Crazy Hair…

indigenous flag design featuring celebratory balloons

Acknowledgement of Country in Childcare

It has now become customary to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land. A children’s acknowledgement of country helps children to gain an understanding of the rich Aborignial heritage that…

a childcare worker demonstrating the intentional teaching method with one of her pupils

What is Intentional Teaching in Childcare

Any time teaching is done on an individual or small group level, the teaching will have elements of intentional teaching within it. There are five key features of intentional teaching…

A childcare worker poses in front of the nursery

Why you should consider a career in childcare

Why do you want to work in childcare? Why do you want to work in childcare is a question often asked of successful childcare workers and while their answers are…

woman and child hugging before sending her child to daycare

Attachment Theory in Childcare Setting

Understanding attachment theory in childcare can help childcare workers to assist the growth and development of all children in their care. What is attachment theory and how does it relate…

a smoke alarm sounding with fire visible in the foreground

Childcare Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The value of developing childcare emergency evacuation procedures only becomes truly apparent when an emergency situation occurs. To ensure that carers and children are fully supported in an emergency situation…