Toilet Training Policy in Childcare 1

Toilet Training Policy in Childcare

Childcare providers are uniquely placed to participate in the toilet training process as they are often best placed to recognise when a child is ready to begin toilet training. It…

A young mother and her child reading the learning story that she has received from childcare

Learning Stories in Childcare

Learning Stories in Childcare Since the dawn of time we have used stories to inform, engage and educate. Teachers and early educators are now using learning stories to help with…

A black child works in partnership with two white children as their female teacher observes

Cultural Diversity in Childcare

Cultural Diversity in Childcare In this age of increasing cultural diversity, the need for children to learn and appreciate differences is imperative. Integrating cultural diversity in childcare is now an…

four children using a green recycling basket for their plastic bottles

Ideas for sustainability in Childcare

Understanding Sustainability In Childcare Sustainability in childcare is becoming an ever increasingly important part of the curriculum and every effort should be made to incorporate sustainability into all childcare settings….

a young white woman sitting at her computer customizing her online resume

How to Write A Childcare Educator Resume

How to Successfully Write A Childcare Educator Resume To succeed in landing a job it is crucial to develop a respectable childcare educator resume. Childcare education is a very competitive…

young black child being told off by her teacher for unacceptable behaviour at childcare

Acceptable and Unacceptable Behaviour in Child care

What is Acceptable and Unacceptable Behaviour in Child Care? Both acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in childcare need to be recognised and appropriately managed. One of the constant challenges for childcare…