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Choosing the best childcare in Austral for your family is sure to make your work and family life a lot easier. Not every childcare centre provides the same standard of care and it is imperative that you take the time to make sure that your kids get access to the care available.  Austral Child Care Centre provides the Austral community a selection of quality child care options that include:

  • A Long day care centre
  • Austral day care
  • An Austral early childhood centre
  • Austral Kindergarten
  • Austral early learning centre
  • The ‘provision of school hours’ care


The childcare program provides local families with a range of learning activities, delicious meals packed with nutrition, compliance with national standards, fun and a complete commitment to nurture and develop kids entrusted to the care of our child care agency. When you experience the Jumpstart Child Care day care approach, you will not hesitate recommending us as being the “best early childhood centre near me”.

As Jumpstart are registered early child care providers, you are entitled to apply for government assistance through the Child Care Subsidy scheme.  The amount of assistance that you are entitled to will be dependent on such criteria as your work status, your combined family earnings and the specific type of early age care that you are in need of.

Jumpstart family day care services are ideal for local community families in need of childcare nearby. The centre is open between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm from Monday through to Friday. It cares for kids between the ages of six weeks and six years.

The childcare centre’s curriculum is focused on the kids. It is guided by the child’s age and interests with input from the education team and family members.

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We care for kids in need of child care in Austral

The education team at the Austral child care centre appreciate that care is central to our service delivery.  It doesn’t matter what kind of early childcare services that you are looking for, you will be relieved to learn that care is the core focus of our Austral preschool community. When you select our Austral services you will be assured of care focused child care.

We always aim to ensure that we provide safe and secure child care that Austral families can trust to meet professional standards.  Being in the childcare industry makes us appreciate the enormous responsibilities of providing childcare services to local families.

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We have formulated our procedures and policies to reflect our commitment to meeting those responsibilities and this means that:

  • All staff are qualified to carry out their specific duties. They are trained to combine elements of fun within familiar routines to provide kids with learning opportunities in a safe friendly childcare community. Our educators and staff are focused on creating an atmosphere where every child can enjoy the days spent in our care.
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Nurturing children needing child care

We want to help each kid to achieve their potential. and would like to work collaboratively with parents to reach that goal.

 At Jumpstart we know that kids of all ages are unique. They have their own individual traits and life experiences that make them special.  Our professional team of trained educators have the knowledge and skills necessary to nurture and support each child entrusted to our care by giving them a supportive safe community atmosphere which helps in:

  • Developing a lifetime love of learning
  • Growing a child’s self esteem
  • Teaching respect for and acceptance of others
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We develop preschoolers to get them school ready

It is our firm view that that the national quality guidelines of Australia must be followed as they will aid your child’s growth and development and we work diligently to maintain a high rating in this space.

Our Austral child care and kindercare learning centre service has the aim of ensuring that the guiding principles in the provision of early childhood education and child care services are addressed. We focus on giving Austral families a wide variety of possibilities for child care while ensuring that modern high standard day care centre facilities are made available.


We do this by:

  • Providing a wide variety of equipment, play settings and options ,and toys for childcare and preschool care
  • Providing planned programs that have enough flexibility to cater for kids of all abilities and ages.
  • Establishing a social, emotional and physical atmosphere that will engender a feeling of trust and security within your child across the whole child care centre community

A school readiness program is a key component of our overall service. This program has been designed to ready your child for their primary school days. The program aims are:

  • To develop and strengthen a sense of self
  • To develop social abilities
  • To develop a child’s awareness of their place in the world
  • To learn community skills such as teamwork, cooperation and resource sharing
  • The development of a child’s sense of contentment comfort and happiness
  • To develop confidence with a view to stimulating active involvement in learning and the school community as a whole
  • To learn effective communication techniques
  • We offer an extended hours service that stretches beyond school hours. This service has been implemented to meet the real needs of our local community.  We appreciate that families face difficult choices and as a result there are occasions when long day care is the only alternative.  Our centre enjoys a high service rating partly because we know that Austral community child care centres must deliver superior care and service that is more than a convenience and being chosen because it simply a “long day care centre near me”. We have the right mix of child care prices, people and policies to deliver on our commitment. Make Jumpstart, the highly rated child day care centre for pre school learning and care, your choice.

We offer parents within the community a total preschool and child care service that caters for preschool children of all abilities and ages. We appreciate the difficulty for Austral families in finding the best childcare and if you’ve been looking for the best childcare option in your residential vicinity then we are certain that if you look at the full service that we provide, you will discover that the community focused Jumpstart is the ideal choice.

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