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Green Valley child care centre makes the ideal child care option for Green Valley residents seeking kindergartens, daycare or preschool care. The centre caters for children ranging between the ages of 6 weeks up to kindergarten age and is open from Monday to Friday. The centre has earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable, caring and trusted childcare centres in Green Valley.

Your choice of the Green Valley daycare or kindergarten centre will ensure that that you entrust your child’s care to a capable, experienced early childhood education team that appreciates the importance of nurturing and helping them to become a confident, balanced individual, ready for the challenges of school attendance when that time arrives.

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We care for Green Valley preschool children

We don’t just we say that we care we embrace the responsibility of care and make it a part of our core values.

Our primary focus is to provide each child with a professional, safe preschool, child care and kinder environment. We trust that the Green Valley community can rely upon us to assist with Green Valley children’s social and educational growth. As early childhood educators, we recognize the responsibility that we have to the community and take that responsibility most seriously. Accordingly, we maintain a strong commitment to providing childcare for the community of Green Valley. Our commitment is demonstrated by the following key components of our family daycare services:

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Experienced professional educators and fully trained support staff appreciate the value of combining fun elements within well-established routines within a safe community care environment. Our educators and support staff are encouraged to ensure that your child enjoys their time spent in family day care, while embarking on their first preparatory steps towards a formal school program.

The provision of an extended hours program created to meet the requirements of the Green Valley community. We realise that the modern parent has to manage multiple day to day problems and that inevitable there will be times when long day care is necessary. These are the times that our family day care centre can provide you a more meaningful and suitable service than just being a “Green Valley child care near me.” Green Valley is equipped to meet your long day care expectations. Contact our Green Valley child care centre manager today to talk about your specific day care needs and learn how we can help you.

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We nurture Green Valley children needing child care

At Jumpstart childcare we understand that each child is a unique individual shaped by their home experiences and individual talents. Our team is equipped to care for and support each individual child in our care by giving them a second reliable, secure and supportive family type environment which will help to develop:

  • The child’s love of learning
  • The child’s positive growth in self-esteem
  • The child learning the value of respect
  • The child learning to accept and appreciate other people’s differences.
  • A growing sense of the child’s place in the community
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We develop young children to make them school ready

As family day care professionals, we insist on addressing the key components of providing individual care while at the same time providing the Green Valley community with premium quality modern day care centre facilities that offer a ready supply of resources and amenities. We do this by:

  • Making a vast range of toys and play equipment available on all kindergarten and preschool care sites
  • Organizing adaptable programs that will be suitable for each individual child
  • Building a care environment is socially, physically and emotionally safe for your child
  • Ensuring that your child feels safe within the whole Green Valley kindergarten or preschool environment

The Green Valley preschool provides a school readiness program which will help your child prepare for their junior school life. The desired outcomes of the program are:

  • Your child develops a strong sense of self
  • Your child learns to overcome shyness issue
  • Your child learns socialisation skills in a safe community environment
  • Your child will become aware of their place in the world and learn how to contribute positively to it.
  • Your child will learn the key concepts of sharing, cooperation, community and teamwork.
  • Your child will develop strong senses of comfort, happiness and contentment
  • Your child will become more confident and actively engage in the learning process
  • Your child will learn effective communication strategies in a safe Jumpstart childcare community environment

The Jumpstart team at the Green Valley child care centre is dedicated to supporting each individual child to grow and develop through participating in a play based learning curriculum.

Our aim is to help every child attending our preschool or long day care centre facilities to be given every opportunity to achieve their potential. We take pride in working with the parents of the Green Valley community to bring that goal to fruition.

Jumpstart childcare benefits for children and families

We understand the difficulties that a parent is faced with while attempting to juggle the many day to day responsibilities with spending quality time to provide care for children. Jumpstart can provide a professional childcare and early learning facility for the Green Valley community in the following formats

  • long day care,
  • kindergartens or
  • after school care

Our preschool can offer the very best support to parents by helping their children to develop and prepare for school and life.

The government of Australia helps families to access childcare by providing a childcare subsidy that helps to offset the expenses associated with kindergartens, childcare, family day care, after school care and preschool long day care. Jumpstart is an Australian government approved child care provider. Our centre is situated at 232 Green Valley Road Green Valley NSW 2168

Our centre services the Green Valley community residents child care that they can rely upon for low rates, modern facilities and resources and high rating education standards.

The philosophy of our Green Valley child care centre

Jumpstart Green Valley services the Green Valley NSW 2168 area and the immediate area. Its doors open between the hours of 7.00 am and 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Kids between the ages of 1 year to 6 years are welcome to attend.

Our Green Valley Childcare Centre runs in line with the following philosophy:

We believe in providing a home like environment that is care centred, friendly and inviting. We encourage harmonious relationships and parental involvement. We promote a non-discriminatory environment and we operate an anti bias curriculum that is structured to cater for individual needs and to provide all parties with effective open communication channels. Safety is promoted in all aspects of our curriculum and we work to provide a range of stimulating fun activities that are age appropriate for kids participating in the pre-school care activities.

Jumpstart childcare views parents as an integral part of the pre-school care community and actively encourage communication with centre staff and other community parents. 

Active participation by parents is encouraged in a variety of ways including:

  • visiting the centre whenever possible
  • providing us with suitable useful equipment
  • assisting with routines and excursions
  • offering opinions and helpful suggestions to our pre-school care staff

We believe that maintaining this ongoing connection with parents assists all of us to enable a smooth transition between the family home and the childcare community centre. This will make it easier for children of all preschool ages to feel comfortable and learn in both environments.

Jumpstart have adopted and use an emergent curriculum philosophy – this involves working with children of preschool ages and educating them in a stimulating and creative way. The emergent curriculum philosophy focuses on the child’s perspective, so that the child’s developmental learning is centred around those things that the child finds stimulating, appealing and inspiring.

The focus is on the process rather than the product and as such is much more individual and flexible in nature.

Our child care Green Valley day care centre provides you and your kids with a kindergarten/preschool program that is focused on ensuring that your children are supported for their transition to school from the earliest of ages. If you are searching for around Green Valley for high quality, first-rate childcare then we would welcome your inquiries or can arrange for you to tour our day care facility today.

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