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If you are looking for a childcare agency in Punchbowl that has a set of policies and guidelines that reflect a clear vision about how they will deliver early childhood education and care… Jumpstart Childcare Centre has the right mix of vision, policies, qualified staff and childcare pricing that make your choice of daycare in Punchbowl and surrounding areas an elevated decision. You will be amazed by the range of learning experiences, engaging fun activities, appetising meal choices, and high quality level of care available to those attending our early childhood care facility. Once you’ve encountered the Jumpstart approach to your child’s education and care experience, you will be happy to recommend us to friends and family. Jumpstart Childcare Punchbowl is an approved child care provider. This means that you will be eligible to apply for the Federal Government Child Care Subsidy. How much you will be eligible for will be dependent upon factors as work status, family earnings and the type of care that you require.

Jumpstart Childcare Punchbowl offers daycare, long day care, preschool care and kindergarten services. We are open from Monday to Friday and caters for children from as young as 6 weeks old through to children 6 years of age.

Our curriculum is immensely child focussed and is created in accordance with the child’s interests, after discussion between the family and our educational leaders. The primary objective in curriculum formulation is to inspire learning and to build upon the child’s learning experiences.

By involving children and parents as active participants and decision makers in the learning process we aim to create a pathway of clear documentation, planning and evaluation of your child’s learning. This pathway will help the child to be well prepared for primary school.

Jumpstart stands by a simple motto- we care, we nurture and we develop.

Parents who choose to send their kids to our Jumpstart Childcare Centres are choosing to place the care of their children in the hands of a dedicated professional team, famed for their dedication and support of pre school children. This reputation has been built upon the key understanding that caring for children involves nurturing them to develop and grow into well rounded children and future leaders. We aim to make them capable of interacting with others and enjoying a formal school setting.

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We Offer Punchbowl Infant Childcare

Caring is our core value. When you’re looking for the “best preschool near Punchbowl”, or “the best early childhood center near Punchbowl” you need to know that caring is front of mind for the centre and it’s dedicated team of staff.

Our first focus, therefore, is to provide Punchbowl residents with safe child care services and a kindercare learning centre that can be relied upon for quality and a commitment to a young child’s social and educational development. In recognition of this, our policies contain the following commitments.

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  • We employ professional educators and support staff who have been trained to combine elements of fun with established routines to promote learning in a safe environment. Our people are encouraged to ensure that every child enjoys the time that they spend in our childcare facilities.
  • We have an extended hours of service that has been introduced to meet real needs of the Punchbowl community. We understand the demands placed upon modern parents and appreciate that there will be circumstances where long day care needs to be called upon. Jumpstart has the team, and the capacity to meet all of your childcare needs. If you need assistance with long daycare please contact us to discuss how we will be able to assist you.
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We Nurture Punchbowl Children Needing Childcare

We take pride in working with the parents of Punchbowl to achieve our aim of  helping every child in our care to achieve their full potential.

At Jumpstart we understand that all children have their specific individual characteristics and distinctive experiences that make them unique.  We are confident  that our team of trained professionals will support and nurture every child within our care.

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We create a supportive environment that will:

  • Grow a lifetime’s love of learning
  • Will encourage a sense of self-esteem in the child
  • Encourage the child to accept and respect others

Our team of educators follow national quality guidelines and are encouraged to make every effort to assist and expand your child’s growth and development.


We Prepare Punchbowl Preschoolers for School

Jumpstart’s early childhood education and childcare service is aimed at delivering the Punchbowl community the very best modern day care centre facilities along with an ample supply of amenities and resources.  These needs are met by:

  • Making a wide range of play equipment and toys available at pre school care and kindergarten sites
  • Planning and building flexible programs that can be adapted to suit the needs of every child
  • Providing a socially and emotionally secure environment so that your child will feel at home within the whole preschool program.

We provide a school readiness program that has been constructed with a vision to prepare your child for the first and most vital year of schooling.  The aims of the school readiness program are:

  • To help the child to build a strong sense of self belief.
  • To help the child overcome any shyness issues and develop socialisation skills
  • To help the child to become aware of their place in the world ‘
  • To help the child to learn how to cooperate with others and share resources
  • To assist the child in developing senses of contentment happiness and comfort
  • To help the child to grow in confidence which will foster an active involvement in the learning process
  • To teach the child effective communication skills

To advance and support  the growth and development of each child, a play based  learning curriculum is used.

Benefits of Jumpstart Childcare Centre Punchbowl

We acknowledge the difficulties that modern parents have in managing competing responsibilities. We aim to make life that little bit easier by providing a quality care and early learning environment. We provide the highest standard childcare, long day care and preschool services for the Punchbowl region.

As Jumpstart is an approved day care facility people who use our services are eligible for the Australian government child care subsidy. This subsidy will help you to meet the cost of childcare.

The Jumpstart Childcare Centre Punchbowl: Philosophy

The Jumpstart program for the Punchbowl area is open between the hours of 7:00am till 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

The following policies guide the provision of our daycare services:

  • We aim to provide an inviting friendly home-like environment. To that end we actively encourage parental involvement in our program. Our curriculum is based on being non-threatening and anti-bias. It  promotes a non-discriminatory environment and caters  for individual needs and provides open communication channels.
  • As safety is a high priority we ensure that all activities provided are safe and appropriate for all children  attending our preschool.
  • We welcome parental communication with our centre staff and other parents as we see parents as being a central part of our preschool care program.
  • Active parental participation is encouraged in a variety of ways. We see the need to  develop an ongoing connection with parents.and  believe this connection will help the child to make a smooth transition from home life to the child care environment.
  • The Jumpstart team utilise an emergent curriculum philosophy. This philosophy focuses on the child’s perspective  and learning is centred around the things that interest, appeal to and inspire  the child

Jumpstart Childcare Centre Punchbowl offers an extensive school readiness program and early childhood curriculum which surpasses the standard expectation of preschooler programs in our community. These programs and our philosophy will exceed your expectations of a preschool and early childhood centre. Please phone or email us to arrange a mutually suitable time to discuss the start of your experience within our Jumpstart Childcare Punchbowl service and your early education requirements.

To arrange a tour of our early childhood service you can contact us by phone on 1300 88529.

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